Trex® Composite Fencing

Lasting beauty, low maintenance. Finish your backyard paradise with the perfect frame. 

Built to Last

Trex composite fencing is backed by its 25-year Residential Limited Warranty and can be trusted to outlast the elements for years to come. Trex won't rot, peel or splinter and it never needs painting or staining.

Unique Design

With interlocking pickets, your fence is always fully private and has the same look on both sides. Trex Fencing  is available in 3 natural colors and is perfectly framed on the top and bottom.


We make Trex® eco-friendly composite fencing from an innovative blend of 95% recycled wood and plastic.



Vertical interlocking design



Contemporary horizontal design with black metal frame



Horizontal fence with composite top and bottom rail

Fence Post

Our sturdy and versatile standalone posts won’t rot or splinter.


5 in x 5 in x 8 ft / 9 ft / 12 ft

Fence Bracket

Glass-filled nylon bracket allows flexibility to follow the contours of your yard.


1.9 in x 2.7 in

Aluminum Bottom Rail

Heavy-gauge aluminum rail is engineered to reinforce fencing.


2.7 in x 5.1 in x 90.5 in

Picket / Bottom Rail Cover

Interlocking pickets provide full privacy and are used interchangeably as bottom rail covers.


1 in x 5.75 in x 67 in / 91 in

Top Rail

Unique, single piece rail completes the fence panel.


4 in x 4.9 in x 91 in

Post Cap

Decorative pyramid or flat top caps provide a finishing touch.


7.5 in x 2.6 in

Composite Fencing FAQs

What is better vinyl or composite fencing?

While vinyl has been a good solution as an alternative product for fencing, there are some limitations. Composite fence material, like vinyl, is low-maintenance, however – unlike vinyl, composite’s durability is unmatched. Trex composite fence material is a high-performance, eco-friendly product that is made to withstand years of sun, sleet and snow without becoming brittle, cracking or blowing out.

Does composite fencing fade in the sun?

The Trex product receives heavy pigmentation during manufacturing to allow it to settle into a lighter shade when weathered. Under normal conditions, twelve to sixteen weeks of exposure to sunlight and rain are typically required for Trex to achieve its weathered color. This process is completely harmless to Trex composite fence material and does not affect its durability. The post caps and top rail will weather the fastest because of their direct exposure to the elements. Because of their vertical orientation, the pickets and post faces may take considerably longer to weather. Due to the nature of composite materials, it should be expected that color variation between individual components may occur and in some cases may be significant.

Trex Fencing is produced from a variety of recycled plastics and wood fibers which absorb pigments differently. While all colors of Trex composite fence panels may contain variation, it is typically more pronounced with Saddle and Winchester Grey. The three colors of Trex Fencing will lighten over time and color variation may become less noticeable. However, weathering will not eliminate all variation. Where possible, extra care should be taken to install similarly pigmented pickets in a section to minimize the appearance of variation. Color variation and weathering do not affect the integrity of the product and are not covered under the Trex Warranty.

How long do composite fences last?

Trex Fencing is designed to last at least 25 years, long surpassing the average life of a wood fence by about 10-15 years. Along with the life of a wood fence being much less, wood fencing requires a lot in both time and money to keep it maintained through repainting, restaining, and making necessary repairs about every 3-5 years.

Trex Fencing tops the leader board for longevity in fencing. While there are few materials that will last for decades, such as vinyl or masonry – Trex composite fence material will also maintain its aesthetic beauty. When vinyl and masonry fences will crack and break over the years, Trex Fencing is designed to last with minimal maintenance required.

How do you maintain a composite fence?

Trex Fencing is a low-maintenance material that will require little annual maintenance. For general dirt and debris – soap, water and a soft bristle brush are all that is needed. Painting, staining, or repairs, which are needed for standard wood fences - are not necessary with Trex composite fence material. Care & Cleaning Guide

Are composite fences worth it?

Trex composite fence material is worth the cost, as long as it fits what you are looking for in a fence. Composite fencing, specifically Trex, offers a beautiful wood aesthetic, without maintenance. Many customers find Trex composite fencing to be worth the cost because they do not have to worry about repairs, staining and painting, and the typical upkeep required by other fence systems.



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